See you Soon!

Susan H, Stoddard

The Photographer's Passion

I've never truly fit into one box or another. I am a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of love. I encourage people around me to be who they are, to experience what they want to experience, reach for dreams and embrace creativity. 

I have been behind a camera since I was old enough to hold one. It's been my passion since then. With life and it's turns, photography took the sidelines as a hobby, but without fail, the passion won out and it's all I want to do.

The idea of helping individuals come up with fun and out of the box ways of capturing their lives, brings me a huge amount of joy. Let me help you. It can be the craziest of ideas or the simplest. I'm here for you and all budget friendly. Everyone is money conscious these days so why not invest your money in something that you can look back at and giggle, smile, laugh and be proud of?

​There are so many talented photographers in the area and then you have the handy mart shops with their $20 specials. I'm not trying to compete with those. I want to help you capture the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, the Steampunk in you, the Rockabilly Vixen, highlight the superb work in your cosplay costume, and so much more!  Oh and don't forget our specialty, embracing the beauty in Boudoir. 

My studio is a safe, positive, fun place. You'll feel at home, have fun and leave as a friend.

Let me help you capture the Unique and Amazing You!